I am a designer and a computer graphics professional with 25+ years experience using digital and traditional media. I have an extensive background in several forms of digital art including 3D modeling and visualization, motion video design, film compositing and FX, and mixed digital media and graphic illustration.

My career has taken me through many design disciplines. Architecture, art direction, architectural visualization, project development and themed entertainment modeling and design. I have a background in architectural design (University of Florida) and a love for dynamic and engaging spaces.

I am a designer of original work as well as a trusted collaborator and conduit for a client’s vision. I am available as an Art Director and Team Lead or as an Independent Designer and 2d/3d graphics asset generalist.


• Walt Disney World/EPCOT: Art Director, Film Curator, Digital Media Designer

• Century 3 at Universal Studios: Art Director - 20 member graphics department

• SEGA Game Systems: Game Development - graphics content development

• Nickelodeon Studios, Florida: On-air graphics designer - 3 Nickelodeon TV shows

• Lockheed Martin: Flight Simulator GFX Designer - Air Force security clearance.

• Falcon’s Treehouse: 3D Modeling - Themed Design

• ITEC Entertainment: Team Manager - Themed Design - 3D Modeling

• Craig Stickler Productions: Owner - Serving the design and visualization industry

Project Creative & Blue Sky ideation
Positive team centered approach for collaboration and concept development.

Art Direction & Team Leadership
Managed design teams and artists while assisting in the creative development of client projects.

Architectural Visualization & 3d/2d Modeling, Rendering
25+ years as an architectural visualization professional using software solutions developed for visualization and Film FX.

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